What is Glory trials?

Glory Trials is a highly-interactive team-based card game where you will compete in group challenges and complete individual secret missions in order to be victorious! The Glory Trials are an assortment of mini-games that have each been designed to test your abilities in different and interesting ways!

Throughout the game, players will also collect Secret Cards. These cards are kept confidential until played, and will describe a secret objective or a hidden ability.

If you are looking to bring your party to the next level, this hilarious and incredibly fun skill-based card game will challenge you in unexpected ways and create a unique experience each time you play!

how to play!

The game is incredibly easy to learn! To setup, the 3 Trials (Mind, Body, and Spirit) must be separated into individual decks and placed in front of all players. Players then sit in a circle where every second person is on the same team.

To begin play, teams alternate taking turns going around the circle. At the beginning of a players turn, they draw a card from any deck and follow its instructions.

The first team to win 3 challenge cards from each of the Mind, Body, and Spirit Trials wins the game!

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